Monaghan ... 

The Ulster County in Ireland


County Monaghan ... 

  is one of the three Ulster counties in the Republic of Ireland and the most northerly inland county in the country. Furthermore, some 90% of the county is located within 10 miles of the border with Northern Ireland. 

County Monaghan has a land area of 500 square miles and a population of 52,593 persons. The countryside is characterised by rolling hills or drumlins with no major mountain ranges or rivers. The county is almost unique in that it has no major towns, while having five small towns with separate Town Councils 

Traditionally agriculture has been the backbone of the economy and food production is still a very important sector. Other important sectors have been the furniture and engineering business and in recent years much of the work force is employed in the poultry sector, mushroom production and transportation. 

The economy of the county is almost totally dependent on indigenous industries for survival. Indeed the entrepreneurial spirit of the people is widely recognised. Unemployment figures have been traditionally low, however, due to the extensive employment opportunities in the food and agri businesses.


Coat of arms of Monaghan County




 Since 1952, Clogher Historical Society has been exploring all aspects of the social, religious and economic history of this region which transcends political and denominational boundaries. Encompassing all of county Monaghan, most of Fermanagh, a large part of Tyrone and small portions of both Louth and Donegal and drawing its membership from all religious traditions, the Society is the largest of its kind in Ireland, with more than 800 members.