Monaghan ... 

The Gnome


Hey Laddy. . . 

this Leprechaun has led us to his Treasure Chest deep in the Irish woods. This is apparently the First Bank of Woodland, and it's open for business. With a smile, Monaghan is ready and willing to lend some Irish and American coins to worthy borrowers. Like the legendary Midas, everything he touches turns to gold. . . but if greed begins to obsess him, his ears will start to grow! Are you looking at his ears yet? So you better watch out Monaghan, when you've money in hand!

 Painted & Worked with Pride in North Carolina, USA ! ***Home Of the Tom Clarke Gnomes*** Visit the Tom Clark Museum in Davidson, N.C. just a few miles from Charlotte, N.C. to see the History of the Gnomes !



Tom Clarke Gnome "Monaghan"

Released 1998, 6 in. tall & 5 in. wide